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Krishna Das Baba

Krishna das baba at Aranya Yoga

Aranya Yoga Ashram was founded by Krishna Das Baba. His ashram is a certified yoga school, registered with Yoga Alliance for 200-hour Teacher Training Programmes.

Krishna was born and raised in a peaceful mountainous setting in the Western Himalayas of North India, where he was introduced to yoga at an early age.  He started his practice at age 15, under the guidance of his Guru Ji Sri Sitaram Das Baba Ji from the lineage of the Ramananda Sampradaya, a Hindu Spiritual Order of Vaishnavites.  Upon initiation into the monastic order he started teaching in different ashrams and yoga schools around India until founding Aranya Yoga Ashram.

For the last 10 years, Krisha Das Baba has been directing yoga classes, the 200 hour teacher training course, and various workshops on meditation, healing and ayurvedic cooking in Gokarna, Palolem and Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh.

His practice has helped transform the lives of many students throughout his 30 years of teaching, deepening and strengthening their practice through his dedicated and individualized training.

He has practiced yoga for the past four decades and embeds the principals of the practice within his daily life.  When asked about his yogic philosophy, he says he will not try to define it because it has already been defined enough throughout history.  Krishna’s love for yoga is simple and rests within the tranquil, cleansing nature of the practice.  He says that it is possible to achieve a longer life along with a sense of community and enchantment through the practice of yoga.  Krishna’s hope is to convey this aspect of the practice to his students.  He says yoga provides peace of mind, good health and compassion through sharing and friendship with others.

Krishna also enjoys spending his time conversing with visitors about his early life spent living in an ashram and his vast knowledge of Indian culture and history.  After spending twenty years literally walking throughout the country gathering knowledge, making friends and spreading peace, Krishna’s compelling and enthusiastic storytelling alone makes Aranya Yoga Ashram an absolute gem.




Suzanna at Aranya Yoga Ashram in India

Suzanna will look after you in terms of accommodation, information about the programs, surrounding area, Q&A’s.your host and office person in Dharamsala.





Eleanor Daulby at Aranya Yoga

Eleanor is originally from the United Kingdom where she attended Nottingham University studying History and later completing her law degree at BPP University in London. Originally embarking on a career in the legal sector, Eleanor quickly became disillusioned by the law and the lifestyle it encompassed. Practising Yoga began for her as a means of escaping her fast-paced London life. Soon realising yoga to be her true calling Eleanor left London moving to India to undertake a yoga teacher training at the Aranya yoga school with Krishna Das Baba. The training had a deep impact on Eleanor, expanding her knowledge of yoga and broadening her horizons, so much so that she decided to stay on and assist him with his classes whilst continuing to learn. Using her formal hatha and ashtanga training Eleanor has since used these as a foundation to explore different areas of yoga, adapting her practises to incorporate vinyasa flow sequences for a more fast paced practise and yin yoga as a means to manifest a more meditative state within the practitioner. Eleanor now teaches vinyasa flow, yin, traditional Hatha and pranayama at the Aranya yoga Shala in Gokarna and assists with the teacher training groups in their Daramshala, Goa and Gokarna centers.



Isabel at Aranya Yoga

Isabel was born in New Zealand, where she studied Biomedical Science, gaining a deep understanding of the functioning of the human body at a cellular level. Disappointed with the drug-centric system of western medicine, and suffering from autoimmune disease, Isabel turned to yoga and natural therapies to heal the body and mind. She practiced Vinyasa, Hatha and Yin yoga for many years in New Zealand and Australia until she felt it was time to dive deeply into the yogic life, and headed to Rishikesh, India to complete her Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training course. In Palolem, she met Krishna, and began teaching Hatha and Yin Yoga classes at Aranya Yoga Ashram. Having stayed for a period in a monastery in rural Myanmar practicing intensive Vipassana meditation, Isabel is an experienced meditator. She aims to guide others to connect deeply with themselves, healing the mind and body by cultivating loving kindness and understanding.


Jaliya Samarajeewa

Jaliya Samarajeeva at Aranya Yoga

Jaliya, born in 1966 in the south, was trained from an early age in gymnastics and martial arts.He is a gentlemen sportsperson.Since 10 years he is a trained hatha yoga teacher.As an ardent follower of Buddhism, he is naturally inclined to teaching vipassana meditation and lecturing about the noble truths.He leads an exemplary life always dedicated to helping the person in need and giving and hosting charity events.He will be the person to revert to for the silent meditations and guided meditations.