Aranya Yoga Kitchen


Aranya Yoga Kitchen

Healthy Vegetarian Food

Food is one of the most important keys of our health. Eating a healthy balanced diet helps in advancement of yogic practices. We cater for international and health conscious students and integrate individual food intolerances as per need and vegan food on demand. Our kitchen is entirely vegetarian with the emphasize on plant based food, we minimize saturated fats and sugar. We purchase organic vegetables and staples whenever possible. We pay great attention to choosing a balanced nutrition for every day giving preference to fresh legumes, whole grains and wholesome proteins. We serve a rotating variety of herbal teas as garden fresh mint, ginger, green and herbal teas.

A typical breakfast would be fruit salad from seasonal fruits, fruit muesli with curd, oats porridge with bananas and honey, fruit juice, pancakes with fruits, sometimes south Indian breakfast, continental breakfast with bread butter and jam to name a few.


A typical lunch is rotation of one day a western dich such as pasta or steamed vegetables, potatoes and a grain staple and the other day the typical Indian lunch consisting of rice, curry and dal and occasional coconut chutney.


At dinner we serve healthy and balanced vegetarian options broccoli, chickpeas, tofu mushroom curry, masala curries vegetable stews with rice or homemade flatbreads or rice.


At occasions we surprise our yogis and yoginis with an late afternoon power snack full of healthy proteins.