Aranya yoga shop

In Aranya Yoga Shop you can find various items to support your yogi life


  • Vegan-all products are PETA approved
  • we use natural and biodegradable material like cork and cotton for the mats and copper for the bottles and cups
  • props are produced locally, giving employment to many under privileged women
  • the idea is to reduce garbage by going green and eco friendly
  • charity-a percentage of the sales profits goes to the Karma Animal Trust in Rishikesh, providing medical care to animals in need

copper bottle​

copper bottle with chakra engraving and hemp bag

1000 INR

bamboo straws

bamboo straws set of 5 

300 INR

bamboo tooth brush

bamboo tooth brush

200 INR

Here are some of the items you can find in Aranya Yoga Shop:
  • cotton yoga mat 750 INR
  • cork yogatmat 390gms lightweight with chakras printed in color 1800 INR
  • copper handlecup
  • copper engraved floral motif cup
  • copper tongue cleaner 200 INR
  • yoga top lycra 550 INR
  • neti pot in durable hard plastic 500 INR
  • yoga mat bags organic cotton 750-850 INR

Why use copper?

Since prehistoric times, copper has played a vital role in the healthy existence of the human race. From hair and eyes to skin and bones, copper has some amazing benefits for both your wellness and beauty. Since copper cannot be produced naturally by the body, it needs to be supplemented by external sources. This is why the use of copper is being extended from pots and plumbing fixtures to textiles and technology helps You Stay Youthful

Collagen is essential for the production of elastic that keeps your skin firm, glowing and youthful. Sleeping on a copper infused mattress will help safeguard your cell membranes from free radicals that cause aging and promote the production of collagen, giving you that radiant glow.

Accelerates Weight Loss
Adding copper to your daily diet will boost your metabolism, help break down fat deposits and keep your body in the fat burning mode to accelerate your weight loss efforts.

An easy way to introduce copper to your daily regime is by drinking water stored in a copper vessel first thing in the morning.