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Aranya Yoga Cooking Classes



  • Pasta
  • Lasagna
  • Tiramisu


  • Iddiyappam
  • Chutneys


  • Kartoffelpuffer


  • Greek Salads


  • Veg. Sushi


  • Soups


  • Vegetarian filled Momos

Indian Cuisine


We invite you to embark on a culinary journey with us. You can immerse yourself in the Indian cuisine rich with spices and curries under the guidance of a senior vegetarian delicacy chef.


You will be participating hands-on in the preparation process and learn about the practical use of a large variety of spices. You receive our school kitchens own recipe book to take home with you. With this, you will be able to prepare the dishes for your loved ones at home.

We cater to vegans, people with specific dietary needs.

Our Course Types:

South Indian

Delicious south Indian fare including idlis [steamed rice cakes], dosas [vegetarian pancake] and vadas [fried and filled tasty doughnuts] with 3 types of fresh coconut-based chutneys and a traditional matching curry. You will learn how to prepare the paste required for the preparation of dosas and how to make the dosa so tasty, smooth, soft and round, the way to steam idlis and how to flavor the freshly ground coconut chutneys with traditional spices, nuts, vegetables and fresh herbs. You will do a hands-on preparation of the typical south Indian curry.

Course duration 3 hours

Price per person: 1,800 INR
Price for group of 4: 1,000 INR per person

The Royal Thali

An 11-course culinary preparation: The Royal Thali- Starting with:

  • Masala chai-cinnamon and cardamom spiced black tea with milk
  • Samosas-vegetable filled triangle shaped patties
  • Koftas-Indian version of vegetarian cutlets
  • Coconut Chutney-a coconut based creamy spread
  • Naan/chapati –indian flat dry bread
  • Palak paneer-spinach and Indian cheese curry
  • Dal fry-Indian yellow lentil preparation
  • Jeera rice-rice dish seasoned with cumin and clarified butter
  • Raita-a yogurt based vegetable dip
  • Papadam-large sized crispy cracker
  • Lassi–a yogurt based smoothie

Course duration 4-5 hours

Price per person 2,200 INR
Price for group of 4 or more: 1,600 INR per person


Photo Gallery

Indian flat loaves of bread and curries

Learn how to knead the dough thoroughly for a variety of Indian flat bread such as naan, chapati and parathas and how to bake them. Accompanied by a coconut chickpea curry and a potato cauliflower masala curry. Learn using the traditional spices for different curries and the secrets of giving the finely toasted taste to the bread.

Course duration: 2.5 to 3 hours

Price per person: 1,500 INR
Price for group of 4 or more: 1,000 INR per person

Farmers Thali (South Indian)

The standard south Indian lunch fare consisting of rice, dal fry, spicy curry and coconut chutney ; concluding with the  famous indian banana lassi. You will learn how to prepare the famous yellow Indian lentil  and a  vegetable curry. Practice which spices to use to season the curry and dal. How to get the coconut out of its shell and how to prepare different types of chutney;all served on banana leaf.

Course duration: 3 hours

Price per person: 1,800 INR
Price for group of 4 or more: 1,200 INR per person


The vegan thali. Masala chai prepared with fresh coconut milk. Kichadi, an ayurvedic rice/dal combination with spices. The traditional palak paneer prepared with tofu instead of cheese. A seasonal salad with sprouts and fresh herbs. One vegetable vegan smoothie of your choice.

Course duration: 3 to 4 hours

Price per person: 1,600 INR
Price for group of 4 or more: 1,200 INR per person

Sattvic Food

A culinary speciality based on the foundations of spiritual and righteous living and wholesome foods according to Ayurveda. These are traditional preparations for special Hindu festival days.

Without the use of onion or garlic. All dishes prepared with fruit category food items. No grains used.

  • Use of tapioca, buckwheat, fruit rice. Use of dried raisins and nuts.Spices like clove, cardamom, pepper, and cinnamon.
  • Tapioca dish=sweet with a variety of nuts and dried fruits
  • Buckwheat bread=non grain small bread
  • Gajjar ka halwa-a sweet made from carrots

Course duration: 3 hours

Price per person: 1,500 INR

International Cuisine

Learn how to make real Italian dishes. We also teach Italian, German and Greek vegetarian.

Courses on individual appointment. Please whatsapp @ +91-8390060421.

Requirements for Joining this Course:

  • size 8 person
  • Min group size 2 person

Courses need to be booked AT LEAST 24 HOURS IN ADVANCE and online a minimum 48 hours prior to the intended course date. Courses are held every Monday and Thursday OR ON PRIOR APPOINTMENT for any other day.


Courses once booked cannot be refunded but can be taken at a later date or transferred to another person.


We also offer to teach specific dishes on request and could put together a menu according to your wish.

We have 2 locations on google. Cooking classes at our old location.

Lower Bhagsu Nag, below main taxi stand, past sky heaven resort, Mcleod Ganj, Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh, INDIA – 176219