Terms and Conditions


Terms & Conditions

Dear candidate,

We request you to read these terms and conditions carefully. This is a required step in your enrollment procedure

Thank you for your time. We are looking forward to meet you on our yoga course.

With kind regards
Aranya Yoga Team

Aranya Yoga School Rules

  • The Aranya Yoga is dedicated to create a more conscious and compassionate world. Our mission is to create a safe environment to promote spirituality, ethical behaviour, respect and trust.
  • The student’s behaviour and attitude, while at the school, should respect Indian culture and enhance the spiritual atmosphere of the Yoga School. The Yoga School should not be treated like a social club or resort.
  • Students should maintain an atmosphere encouraging mutual respect, civil and congenial relationships and free from all forms of harassment and violence, where everyone can discuss their differences and exchange ideas openly, honestly and respectfully.
  • Students should use respectful language with each other. Any bullying, negative gossiping, spreading of rumors may result to expulsion from the course.
  • Use of tobacco, alcohol, non-prescription drugs, meat, fish, eggs are NOT allowed while staying at the Yoga School.
  • Students should not make public displays of affection. Public nudity is forbidden. Celibacy as part of the spiritual discipline is encouraged while staying at the Yoga School. Modest dress (legs covered) should be maintained at all times including asana classes.
  • Activities End after Dinner time.
  • Use of electronic gadgets like mobile phones / tablets etc. is not allowed during classes (Theory and practical)
  • Participation in scheduled classes is mandatory. Absences are allowed just in case of health problems, in case of prolonged illness we reserve the right to withhold the certification. You will be able to complete your training at a later date.
  • The payment of the YTTC 200 or 300 hrs doesn’t guarantee the Certificate. Attending of all classes is mandatory, if classes are missed without a proper reasons we reserve the right to withhold the certificate. Final oral, practical and written exam will be conducted at the end of the course and you have to pass the exam with minimum of 75%.
  • Photography, video, audio recording is not allowed during the classes without prior permission of the course director.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Students are responsible for their own medical and health care. They should carry their own medicines if necessary. Very limited medical care is available at the Yoga School and it can be provided only in case of emergency. The next medical facility is 30 minutes car drive from the School.
  2. Aranya Yoga cannot be held liable for any accidents, injuries or thefts during the course.
  3. All fees MUST be paid into 7 working days from the start of the course, in case of non payment in time the registration may be cancelled and the deposit may be forfeited.
  4. In case the course is rescheduled or cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances, Aranya Yoga reserves the rights to reschedule the course to another available date or cancelled and refund the deposit.
  5. Aranya Yoga reserves the right to use any pictures / videos taken during the course and activities for its records and promotional purposes.
  6. We reserved the copyright for our Aranya Yoga Teacher Training Manual.
  7. By filling in this registration form we assume that you are physically and mentally fit and stable and not pregnant.

Privacy Policy

This form collects your data for administration of your registration. This data is used to ensure full and detailed registration for participation at the Yoga School to provide the correct requirements for your interaction and/or stay at the accommodation and courses.


This data is secured and only handled by Aranya Yoga administrators. It is stored on our protected online database, accessible to Aranya administrators, and backups are made on a protected server as well as locally on protected administration devices. The application data and email records are removed after three years. After this time we keep basic name and email data for administration and graduate records only. You have full rights to have any or all of your data completely purged or changed at any time. Your data will not be sold or exchanged for marketing goals. After sending us mail, we will send you emails only concerning information about your course or relevant to you personally.

Cancellation & Refund Policy

  • Under certain circumstances such as illness, or personal matters the course can be postponed to a later date of max 2 years ahead and the paid deposit remains valid for 2 years from the date of innitial booking.
  • No refunds are available for the booking deposit.
  • Once the course has started and the student wants to change their mind mid term there will be absolutely no refund.
  • In case the student decides to not take meals at Aranya yoga during the ongoing course it is on their own responsibility and there is no reduction from the course fee.
  • We are not accepting postponing of the course once we have received the booking deposit.
  • We reserve the right to cancel any of our courses due to unforeseen circumstances and in this case we will refund you 100 % of the course fee.
  • Please understand that we will not refund the course fee or the booking deposit in case you find out that you are pregnant or have a sudden injury.
  • The booking deposit can be transferred to another person for the same date/course that you initially booked.
  • By leaving the course after it started you fortify any claims for refund on the food, course or accommodation.
  • In case that you asked us to arrange a taxi pick up from the airport for you and then your travel plans change you are liable to pay the incurred taxi fees.