The Power of Mantras

Mantras are ancient Sanskrit words and syllables originating in Vedic India. They are understood to be of divine origin brought to us by the sages and will foster your connection with divinity and spiritual energy. They can also be understood to be prayers. Chanting them will help to develop mental stability and reduce lifestyle tensions like anxiety. By steadily chanting over extended periods with regularity we create stable thought energy waves within us. Listening to mantras regulates the para sympathetic nervous system, reduces blood pressure, regulates the heart rate, balances the adrenal glands and quiet the fluctuations of the mind. Chanting is called japa, and the beads are called your japa mala. The whole practice is devotionally oriented and can be directed to specific gods or healing energies. It is a sound yoga or nada yoga. Whenever you utter sounds, then forms are born, so that’s why it is of huge importance to pronounce the ancient seed mantra correctly. Pronouncing is more important than understanding the meaning.

There are 4 different types of chanting:

  • Vaikhari- loud
  • Upamshu-whispering
  • Manasika-mentally
  • Lakhita-written

We chant the same mantra by pulling one bead after the other of a 108 bead mala. The middle point is the meru, which must not be crossed but one turns back on the mala until reaching meru once more. MENTALLY CHANTING IS UNDERSTOOD TO BE THE SUPERIOR FORM OF ENGAGEMENT.

How to do it:

  1. learn a mantra from an experienced guru or teacher, maybe consulting an astrologer too to understand which mantras are suiting the individual person.
  2. Obtain a 108 beaded chanting mala and a rug to sit on the floor.
  3. Pronounce correctly
  4. Chant deep and slow in the beginning.
  5. Keep to a set routine for a specific period of time, there is a set number for each mantra to activate the mantra shakti
  6. Trust in the process

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