Vipassana – the noble vow of Silence

Vipassana Meditation at Aranya Yoga in Dharamshala

Can be conducted in the mornings for 60 minutes before the daily yoga sessions.

It is one of the most ancient Art of Meditation. By sitting down in Silence and observing the breath and letting go of ones mind one can achieve perfect harmony. It aims at eradicating the mental impurities by learning to observe oneself and hence self liberate from the shackles of an endlessly talking mind.

Through prolonged practise the mind learns to detach from its affluctions and to let go of fears and judgements.

This ancient method was introduced by Gautam the Buddha and in modern times reintroduced by Mr.S. N. Goenka.

Having proven to be genuinely helpful to thausands of seekers, there have been vipassana meditation centers established all over the world. They operate entirely on the goodwill of donations and volunteers.

The basic course is of 10 days duration. To receive the invaluable results from the vipassana meditation extensive daily practise of 1 hour minimum is required. May you be happy, at peace and ever harmonious.

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