Why Choose Us?


Why Choose Us?


It is really about the spirit of doing best practices and spreading the same to the yoga aspirants. In our yoga teacher training school we focus on the schedules and their follow ups. Individual attention is given properly regarding to the students’ needs and sharpening of their yogic skills.

Get trained and individually guided by our highly qualified team of yoga experts. Learn about all the practical and theoretical fields of yoga in a safe and friendly environment.

Our aim at Aranya Yoga is to transform yoga students into yoga teacher professionals, and make them inspire others to share the knowledge of yoga with the world.


Our Yoga Teacher Training Courses are well structured and meet the required standards of Yoga Alliance® . This enables you to register in the international registry of yoga teachers and enhances your future placement as a yoga professional.

Our Aranya Yoga School in Dharamshala is in pristine natural settings in nature which is very conducive to practicing yoga and meditation. It is the ideal environment for a Yoga Teacher Training.


Our yoga school in Goa is in beautiful settings near the Arabian Sea and invites for the practice of this kind of intensive yoga program.

We offer an all inclusive fee structure comprehensive of the yoga teacher training course certification, the 1 month practical yoga training, accommodation and food. You just need to sign up and book your flight and we take care of the rest.

We offer small groups of up to 15 students per batch to ensure giving attention to each of our students for the correct yoga alignments, breathing exercises and theory part.

You will get a hands on experience of teaching methodology at Aryana Yoga by preparing your own teaching class and leading a class for the other fellow students under the guidance of our teachers.


This will enable you to teach and boost your confidence level to new heights.


Your accommodation is kept near the Aranya Yoga school and you can expect very clean and quiet rooms.


The food is vegetarian or vegan and is suited for the intense yogic practices during the course with a very balanced nutrition required for the training.


Friendly, patient and experienced teachers that take the time to have an eye and ear for the concerns of the students.


Healing and wellbeing holistic courses such as reiki, sound healing or cooking classes as additions to choose from. This is a stand out in the field of yoga teacher training schools. These courses are offered by our experienced healers and teachers.