Our Yoga Teacher Training Center is located in the Center of Palolem, a quaint beach village in South Goa famed for its beauty and peaceful, laid back lifestyle.Palolem beach is one of the most beautiful beaches on the west coast.A perfect crescent beach with fine sands lined with swaying coconut trees and very little permanent structures, just some temporary bamboo and wooden huts on the beachfront.

While Palolem beach offers an oasis of quiet relaxation, its commerce lined the main road is casually buzzing with local family-owned businesses including restaurants, bars, hotels, clothing and convenience stores that remain open until late.

Palolem offers daytime activities like boat trips, kayaking, and excursions into the surrounding area as well as a variety of evening outings and nightlife events. Many traditional festivals are celebrated by the local village people and this gives you an opportunity to immerse yourself in the south Goan culture and its lifestyle.

The center is within 3 minutes walking distance to the beach, situated in a quiet alley tucked away from problem’s main road. The yoga shala is on the top of the school building, surrounded by coconut trees.


Accommodation in Palolem, Goa


The accommodation for the students is within 5 minutes walking distance from the school. We offer you a variety of accommodation to choose from.

YTTC in Palolem, Goa - Aranya Yoga

From the upfront beach hut, ac/non-ac, to the apartment type room with AC or fan and balcony to the simple homestay type room at a local family.

Accomodation YTTC in Goa

Prices range from 600rs to 3000rs a night.

Surrounding area:

Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary, 15km from Palolem, beautiful flora and fauna, scenic.

Hindu temple

Mallikarjun Temple{shiva temple},10km from Palolem. attend the pooja{prayer}ceremony.

The spice farm

Tour of a spice farm, coconut and banana plantation. Set in idyllic surroundings. A heritage house where you will enjoy a local spread of curries and delicacies. You can buy aromatic and healing spices and cold pressed coconut oil fresh from the farm.


Netrani waterfall, 20 km from Palolem. 3 km jungle trek to the waterfall where you can swim at its base.

Bubble Lake

Close to the spice farm, the ancient water source that bubbles.

Turtle Beach

10 km from Palolem, nature protePalolemea. Here big turtles come for their yearly nesting and laying eggs. Every year around December to January the turtles eggs hatch and the little baby turtles find their way to the sea with the help of the local animal protection guards.

We arrange half day or full day excursions.