Gokarna, Karnataka, South India

Our 200-hour yoga teacher training course is set in a picturesque temple town on the Arabian Sea in the southwestern state of Karnataka.Gokarna is set inbetween 2 rivers and is famous as a mukti kshetra [place of salvation] , where hindus perform rites for their ancestors in order to bestow blessings on their souls.

Gokarna is known for its ancient Mahabaleshwar temple- build in the classical Dravidian style of architecture and honoring the Atma lingam representing lord Shiva as Dakshinamurti, his south-facing form immersed in silent meditation.

The tiny townships life revolves around the main temples daily rituals. Brahmins [hindu priests] performing poojas [prayer ceremonies}.The small Brahmin community lives mainly in the heritage tile-roofed brick houses adjoining the temple and along the central main road with its little shops and eateries.

Set back from Gokarna main beach is the idyllic farmer and fishermen village of the tribal gouda community. Dreamscape vegetable and flower gardens interspersed with rice fields, coconut trees and banana cultivation. Apart from Gokarna’s  3km long awe-inspiring golden stretch of sand at main beach there are Kudle beach with its drumming circles and acro-yoga enthusiasts at sunset; om beach shaped in the form of om with thatched coconut huts and a wonderful tide.half moon beach.the the last refuge.tiny but the super beautiful beach with a mature jungle backdrop.paradise beach for the outdoorsy type camper or day visitor.

Our yoga shala is situated in the middle of om beach set back 100 meters from the shoreline exactly where the two crescent beaches meet.It is a simple, authentic setting adjoining 2 local farmers houses and their vegetable cultivation.The yogashala is surrounded by coconut trees and rice fields.


Yana-a monolithic rock formation of meteoric nature with mythological background 35 km east of Gokarna

Murudeshvar-giant Shiva statue by the sea.impressive Hindu temple. 60 km south of Gokarna

Udupi-ancient lord Krishna temple 70 km south of Gokarna

Sahasrarlingam-1000 of Shivalingams in a river,50 km east of Gokarna

Yoga teacher training in Gokarna, Kerala Gokarna's yoga teacher training in India