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Yogi Amit

(Yoga Teacher)

Amit Kumar is from the Indian state of Haryana. He graduated from the renowned SVYASA University in Bangalore as a Master in Yoga Therapy (Msc) and completed his Yoga Instructor Course with highest accreditation. He specialized in Power yoga, Yoga therapy, Meditation, Bandhas and Pranayamas during his training. Yoga is his life’s calling. During his high school time he discovered, that yoga would be more than just a hobby when participating in summer yoga camps and soon after completing his studies he dedicated himself to the intense training at the yoga university.


He is deeply influenced by the present day Yoga Masters Baba Ramdev and Punja Swami of Rishikesh with which he was fortunate to meet on the yearly Yoga symposiums in India.


His outstandingly kind and helpful character is a boon for anyone coming in contact with Amit. His other passions are spiritually related subjects, life’s philosophies, dancing and vegetarianism. He is an active defender of animal rights and a lover of all things good and helpful for the betterment of humankind and this world we live in.


His goal is to educate as many people as possible about the incredible health and mental/emotional benefits of practicing yoga. He joined the Aranya Yoga Team to facilitate his teaching on an international level.