How does Yoga strengthen muscles and stabilize us from within?

Sports training often does not contribute to the strengthening of the body, but on the contrary, too often they contribute to weakening and injury. So how do you improve your physical abilities and prevent injuries?

Many people still tend to choose their sport according to what they think will most strengthen them and make them fit, but in fact we see that sports training does not necessarily contribute to the strengthening of the body, but on the contrary, they often contribute to weakness and injuries and then of course stop practicing.

Why is this happening?
We learned from childhood that what is important in sports is the result. How many miles we ran, how many pools we did, what our results compared to our friends. The desire for the result leads to an over exertion that forces the body to be overloaded and therefore the body will rebel at some point.

Another factor that causes injuries is that sports training is not varied enough (running four times a week, gym or bicycle as a single workout) when one of the most important elements in physical activity is the body’s coping with a variety of movements, directions, strengths and more. Modern life is full of sitting, tension, lack of free daily movement, causing the modern body to become stiff and devoid of vitality and move away from its natural abilities. This refers to simple abilities such as bending, twisting the spine, cross movements, equilibrium, jumping, rolling, and more. The cramped body must of course move and therefore the person adapts the wrong movement habits, thus unvaried training can be more harmful than useful.
How will we know if we have these abilities?

Examine yourself: if you can do these comfortably and easily, we will know that it is an action or ability that takes place easily and naturally on a daily basis.

1. Can you sit comfortably with an upright back?
2. Can you stand up without hands?
3. Can you sit on your knees? (Japanese seating)
4. How do you bend over to take something off the floor, do you use your legs or back as a lever?
5. Is it possible for you to stand on one foot and move in all directions?
6. Is it possible for you to stay motionless for about 30 seconds?
7. Do you have free movement when you twist your back?

What will you do to improve your abilities and avoid injuries?
1. Slowly it is actually as quite fast: A gradual step-by-step process will help avoid injury and burnout and strengthen us from the inside out.

2. Listening, awareness, personalization: Develop intelligence movement which can increase the ability of the body to adapt to the right pace.

3. Get familiar with the areas in our body that need to be released: Our body experiences stiffness and over-contraction for many years. Emphasis should be placed on joint release, painless motion ranges and muscle flexibility so that movement is free.

4. Practice what we need rather than what is easy: vary the practice from time to time, change the way you practice. Try as much as possible to move your body in new directions every time you practice.

Our recommendation is to combine sports with yoga, to incorporate yoga as part of the training. The profit is huge and very worthwhile. This is because yoga practice will improve movement and posture awareness and of course will calm and balance you. The practice connects us to our body and helps us listen to its needs, teaches us how to change movement and posture habits, whose application in sports practice greatly improves the movement and improves the quality of our lives.

Yoga teaches us how movement without effort actually improves our abilities. It takes the body out of long-term perseverance. It strengthens the muscles wisely and stabilizes us from the inside, improves balance, flexibility and relieves joint load. We believe that yoga practice has a huge advantage in preparing for proper movement and movement habits in sports, because the slow movement associated with thought strengthens neural connections, improves motor skills and changes habits and brings great pleasure to every movement.

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