Why should every athlete also engage in yoga?

The Western world has long understood that there is a direct connection between personal awareness, happiness and physical health of the body.

This understanding leads to the fact that people around the world have been exercising for many years, but at the same time they feel that something is missing in order to achieve peace of mind, not to mention the many physical injuries that accumulate in the body.

At this point, the Eastern teachings enter into complementary integration between body and mind and bring to perfection what is lacking in routine physical activity.

One of the most well-known teachings in the Eastern world is yoga. The word yoga means union, connection.


There are many types of yoga and each one offers its own interpretation of how to connect your body and mind. They are all based on the yoga that is the basis. Hatha Yoga uses physical positions (asanas) to achieve balance, which is the key word in Yoga. Balancing between body and mind, balance between upper and lower body, balance between physical awareness and emotional balance between internal and external muscles.

The Western world, which is constantly engaged in the pursuit of intellectual and economic achievements, has left the body and mind behind, and this is exactly where Yoga comes in to help.

How exactly can yoga help us? After all, we engage in physical activity day and night, we are in excellent shape and enjoy every moment, so what will it contribute to us? There is no question that Yoga can help if you suffers from knee problems, upper and lower back pain, shoulder problems, joint swelling or ankle injuries, stiffness and shortened muscles!

No matter what sport you are involved in: cycling, running, dancing, golf or any other exercise that requires physical exertion, you probably have at least once one of the problems we mentioned on this list.

You do not intend to stop playing your favorite sport, but any athlete can enjoy yoga and still pursue his favorite sport in a healthier way. Without a doubt, good physical fitness should be such that combines a balance of strength and flexibility and so should any athlete be careful.

Yoga is an effective way to stretch and strengthen the body. It brings physical balance, mental alertness and helps prevent injuries. Moreover, thorough study of how to operate your body in a better and more efficient way will improve your athletic ability.

After exercise you feel refreshed and full of energy. This is because exercise stimulates muscle activity and transfers fluids inside the body. It is important to know that the transfer of fluid in the body is more effective when there is more elasticity and that what yoga does. In exactly the same way, flexible, strong muscles will prevent injuries in the future.

Here are some of the benefits of yoga for athletes:

  • Release and flexibility of joint movements
  • activation of all muscle groups respectively (eg muscle 4 – head and knee tendons)
  • Creating balance in the body – Building excessive muscles can bring the body out of balance and damage the spine, neck, chest and lower back.
  • Better use of the body: stiffness of the muscles and joints damages the body’s energy and prevents its maximum utilization
  • Prevents future injuries – When the joint is surrounded by short muscles, it is prone to injury.

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